The Town of Bargersville is in the second phase of the planning process for the Bargersville VISION! 2040 Comprehensive Plan. This phase follows the visioning phase of the process, which included a pop-up booth at the Harvest Moon Festival, public workshop, online survey, online engagement, and focus group meetings. The second public workshop will be held on December 3rd from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Walnut Grove Elementary School (4079 N Rd 500 W, Bargersville, IN) and will present the draft vision statement, overarching goals, and recommendations for the plan. Similar to the visioning workshop, this workshop will also be a family-friendly open house format where participants can attend at any point during the allotted time-frame and stay as long as they are able to.The goal of the open house is to obtain feedback on the presented materials as well as which recommendations for Bargersville should be prioritized.  

The Bargersville Vision! 2040 Comprehensive Plan identifies long-range goals and objectives related to community elements such as land use, transportation, utility infrastructure, economic development, quality of life, housing, parks, and more.Following this public workshop, the plan will be drafted and provided to the public for review and comment. The plan is anticipated to be completed early 2020.

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